Coil Master

Изогнутый Керамический многофункциональный пинцет Bent Ceramic, который может быть использован для коррекции спирали и хлопка. Кончики пинцета изготовлены из керамики и очень полезны, когда дело доходит до коррекции спирали и хлопка. ОСОБЕННОСТИ И ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ: Материалы: Нержавеющая сталь..


Multifunctional Tweezer which can be used for coil correction and cotton. Tweezers tips are made of ceramics and are very useful when it comes to coil correction. FEATURES AND SPECS: Materials: Plastic Tweezers Tips: Ceramic Manufacturer: Coil Master Package Contents: 1 x Vape Tw..


Coil Master Wire Cutter Pliers T5, is a best DIY tool to cut coils. Allows for close cutting to posts and It will make the DIY days easier. Futures and Specifications: Material: chrome-vanadium steel Manufacturer: Coil Master Package Contents: 1 x Wire Cutter Pliers T5 by Coil Master ..


Mini Bag by Coil Master, which can be used for various purposes. Easily put all the stuff you need for electronic cigarettes or use for other needs. FEATURES AND SPECS: Dimensions: 22.86 * 15.24 * 2.54cm Manufacturer: Coil Master Package Contents: 1 * Mini Bag by Coil Master ..


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