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Изогнутый Керамический многофункциональный пинцет Bent Ceramic, который может быть использован для коррекции спирали и хлопка. Кончики пинцета изготовлены из керамики и очень полезны, когда дело доходит до коррекции спирали и хлопка. ОСОБЕННОСТИ И ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ: Материалы: Нержавеющая сталь..

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Multifunctional Tweezer which can be used for coil correction and cotton. Tweezers tips are made of ceramics and are very useful when it comes to coil correction. FEATURES AND SPECS: Materials: Plastic Tweezers Tips: Ceramic Manufacturer: Coil Master Package Contents: 1 x Vape Tw..

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Coil Master Wire Cutter Pliers T5, is a best DIY tool to cut coils. Allows for close cutting to posts and It will make the DIY days easier. Futures and Specifications: Material: chrome-vanadium steel Manufacturer: Coil Master Package Contents: 1 x Wire Cutter Pliers T5 by Coil Master ..

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Mini Bag by Coil Master, which can be used for various purposes. Easily put all the stuff you need for electronic cigarettes or use for other needs. FEATURES AND SPECS: Dimensions: 22.86 * 15.24 * 2.54cm Manufacturer: Coil Master Package Contents: 1 * Mini Bag by Coil Master ..

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