iJoy IMR 21700 3750mah 40A Rechargeable battery perfect for vaping device. Safe, powerful and good performing battery. Futures and Specifications: Battery type: 21750 Rated Capacity: 3750mAh Nominal Voltage: 3.7V Maximum voltage: 4.2V Protected: Unprotected Don't discharge below: 2.5V Ma..

11.00€ 14.95€

Features and Specs: Resistance availability: 0.25ohm, 0.5ohm 0.5 Ohm BFL Kth coil Heads for DL Vaping Style 0.5 Ohm BFL-1 Kth coil Heads for DL Vaping Style 0.5 Ohm BFXL Kth coil Heads for DL Vaping Style Manufacturer: Joyetech Recommended Wattage 0.5 Ohm BFL Kth - 20-40W 0.5 Ohm BFL..

2.50€ 3.00€

Испаритель Aspire Breeze Atomizer - это инновационная система катушек U-tech, которая обеспечивает приятный вкус вашего пора. ОСОБЕННОСТИ И ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ: Наличие сопротивления: 0.60ом, 1.2ом Производитель: Aspire Регулярные Серии 0.60 Ohm Серии Испарители для DL vape стиля 1.20 Ohm С..

3.00€ 3.50€

The next generation of the Innokin Endura T18 V2 kit will give you the ability to easily regulate vape heat and air flow, allowing you to find the perfect vape setting. Features and Specs: Size: 18mm x 145mm E-liquid capacity: 2ml (TPD Version) Battery Capacity: 1300mAH Output Option:..

33.00€ 36.80€

Features and Specs: Resistance availability: 1.10ohm, 1.30ohm 1.10 Ohm coil Heads for MTL Vaping Style 1.30 Ohm coil Heads for MTL Vaping Style Manufacturer: Eleaf Recommended Wattage 1.10 Ohm - 5-15W 1.30 Ohm - 5-15W Package Contents: 1 x IC Series Coil Heads by Eleaf ..

1.00€ 1.50€

The IStick Amnis eCigarette from Eleaf has a special design and compact size. An excellent device that delivers a good vape flavor by utilizing a new GS Air M (Mash) coil heads. The IStick Amnis is designed with a rubber finish that gives you a softer feel. Features and Specs: Size: 18mm x 2..

24.90€ 30.00€

Nautilus AIO POD 4.5ml Cartridge is a refillable structure tank for Nautilus AIO Kit by Aspire. Features and Specs: Cartridge Capacity: 4.5ml Materials: PETG and Silicon Eco-friendly Refillable structure Manufacturer: Aspire Replacement Cartridge Fits to: Nautilus AIO Kit by Aspi..

5.90€ 7.20€

Stentorian Squonk Refill Bottle with 510 connector, quick and easy squonk filling system. Futures and Specifications: Size: 110.6mm * 25mm Capacity: 30ml Material: Stainless steel and food grade silicone Manufacturer: Stentorian Package Contents: 1 * Squonk Refill Bottle by Stentori..

9.90€ 13.75€

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