Органический хлопок 100%

  • Органический хлопок 100% - Проволка и Хлопок

Проволка и Хлопок

100% Organic Cotton by Youde (UD) from 100% cotton that has not been chemically treated, bleached or pigmented. Darker flecks in the material are natural matter from the cotton plant, this should be expected. Each pad is thick enough to be split into 2, and from there you can cut into strips for easy use. One pad per bag, 5 bags per pack, you will receive 5 bags (5pads).

Futures and Specifications:

  • Size: 60x75mm
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Manufacturer: Youde (UD)

Package Contents:

  • 5pads x 100% Organic Cotton by Youde (UD)
  • Производитель: Youde (UD)
  • Модель: Organic Cotton



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